Hari Joshi

Hari Joshi

Narahari Joshi, who likes being called Hari, presents his show every,

Friday between 8:00 PM and 10:00 PM.

The show is called “ MAHITI RANJAN “ which stands for

Information and Entertainment, in other words ‘Infotainment’.

What Hari brings to you is interesting information from conducting own research.

The topics are purely of general interest and non-controversial, everyday matters of

common curiosity.

All of the information is compiled from the public domain and does not represent any

person’s or organisation’s views. Please take the details in a light-hearted manner,

just for fun on a Friday evening.

To add to this, he brings popular music along with information about the selected

song. As an example, he collects details on who sang the song, who provided the

music (composer), who wrote it (lyrics), which film that song contained (if it is a film

song) and who acted for the song sequence (picturisation).

He will try and compile these details, as much as available, prior to the start of the

the show, and when time permits.

Hari wants to entertain you and provide listeners with interesting pieces of information to

boost your weekend preparations on a Friday night. 

By profession, Hari works in computer auditing area. He works for an audit firm in

Technology Risk Assurance area and specialises in cybersecurity and data

governance. During his spare time, he does voluntary community work and his

favourite sport is Cricket.

Hari has lived in Leeds for over 30 years, originally comes from Karnataka in

Southern India, and speaks a number of Indian languages. He is keen to promote

traditional culture, heritage, music and art.

Hari Joshi