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Imrano Show

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Imrano Show

If ever anyone was born to broadcast, then it's our very own I.M.R.A.N.O! Coming at you straight from the Hyde Park 'Hood - via Emmerdale village no less! - His shows are like a rollercoaster ride, a high-octane, irresistible mix of music, laughs and audience interaction. Whether he's blasting out the latest R and B and urban Asian tracks, getting listeners in on the action with his 'shake showdowns' and musical 'boxing matches', cracking jokes, counting down the funkiest current Bollywood tracks or just charming AND exhausting you with his infectious energy, Imrano is a must-listen.

Current Shows

Breakfast Show on Wednesday from 7am - 10am

Urban Asian Flava'z on Thursday from 10pm - 1am

Game Show on Saturday from 12pm - 2pm



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