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DJ Mal

Mal is the Bollywood & Bhangra da raja of the Fever crew, a music-lover with the soul of a poet! With a keen ear for a great melody, funky beats and romantic, soulful lyrics,

He is all about the music! With a charming down to earth ......

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DJ Nas

DJ Nas provides the ultimate party music to kick start your day, bringing you the evening mix and beat digging tracks, Dubstep, Urban and so much more mixed in to create something fresh, So, whether you want to get down with some slow Bollywo ......

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Taz e Mania

Hi, guys! I kick start the weekend and get you ready to party, you can catch me every Friday 8-10pm bringing you the best of the 90's the first hour and then the second hour we have a fusion mix where I play different genres of music, fro ......

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Sumaira Ji

Jee aya nu! Kaise ho? Theek ho? Main theek aan, bilkul phit phaat aan! A lady with a big heart, who has the magic to put a smile on any face, Sumaira is our very own Miss Happy. When it comes to Punjabi, she is unbeatable, and that’s why sh ......

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Ranj B

If 'B' is for 'beast' then Ranj is certainly the sexy beast of the Fever crew!

With his big, melody-laden Bollywood tunes from an electric back catalogue and an even bigger heart, Ranj lights up the airwaves. Forget ......

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Rehan Mahmood

Music On Fire - Fantastic and very lively remixes presented by the master mixer.


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Khalda is a sassy and smart radio presenter with oodles of charm and more than a little cheekiness! With a wide knowledge of Bollywood and Pakistani pop, she has her finger firmly on the musical pulse when it comes to the m ......

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Khan Woody Khan

Meet Khan Woody Khan, he has caused a real stir in the 'Fever Family'. With his impeccable knowledge of classic Hindi and Pakistani songs, a charming, easy manner and more than a hint of cheekiness, Mr Khan's shows are a real plea ......

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Kamran is a new arrival to Radio Asian Fever. He comes with knowledge, humor and a taste of upbeat music. 
Coming from MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) background he shares his passion for the world of sport with his listeners. His hobbies ar ......

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