Diabetes - Healthy Eating - Part 2 (Punjabi) - Competition to be held 24th March - Winner - Ruksana


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I got type2 diabetes these teps are very useful thanks doing this in panjabi.

By Arshad MAHMOOD | Posted on: 24/03/2021

You will find fibre, potassium magnesium vitamin B, calcium and minerals in lentils which help manage sugar levels in diabetes.
Very informative video with interesting information. I will definitely look into including these in my diet.as diabetic.

By Rifana Mehmood | Posted on: 24/03/2021

Had to pause reply a few times haha

Dnt know if it was too fast or just me lol

The 4 you would find are:

Minerals vitamin b calcium magnesium

Love fever fm crew

By Syed miah (sy mac) | Posted on: 24/03/2021

Vitamin B, Minerals, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium. I hope that's correct from what I understood. Good video for the punjabi speaking audience, short and to the point.

By Summaya | Posted on: 24/03/2021

Hi fever crew

The answer to the question
The 4 things found in lentils to help control diabetes are
1.vitamin B
4. Magnesium

Fever fm has been a breath of fresh air in yorkshire since its launch .
Before fever fever we only had 1 asian station sunrise radio bit evere since Jabbar put his vision into action our airwaves got a new fresh sound.
Great shows fantastic Presenters even better music fresh sound new artists and new talent Always on hand for the community giving young people the opportunity To showcase their talents keep up the good work and we will carry your listening and enjoying every sec


By Ajmal ali | Posted on: 24/03/2021

had to get the mrs to translate as shes Pakistani and im bengali lol The four things you would find are:
Vitamin b

Love and peace

By Raihan (barri) | Posted on: 24/03/2021

Daal is full of vitamin b potassium magnesium and calcium, better to eat lentils than processed food

By RUKSANA | Posted on: 24/03/2021

Really good video especially as ramdhan is coming aswell :)

The four things you would fine are:

Vitamin b

Blessings to all

By Abdul rahim | Posted on: 24/03/2021

Thank the lord for Fever Fm
Calcium, potassium, magnesium and vitamin B is the answer you are looking for

By Shabana | Posted on: 24/03/2021

Really good video definitely something I will be telling my parents about as my father has diabetes . The four things you would are of many such as Vitamin b

Love x

By Husna begum | Posted on: 24/03/2021

Simple, short and very good vid !

The four things are - Vitamin b

Bless the team
Leeds massive x

By Molik miah | Posted on: 24/03/2021

Very good video and beneficial for my mum

The four things you would fine is:

Vitamin b

Keep the vids coming xx

By Akbar hussain | Posted on: 24/03/2021

Really good video but had to get my mum to translate lool
Defo will be working on my Punjabi haha

The four things you would fine is:

Vitamin b

Love x

By Fatema uddin | Posted on: 24/03/2021

Mashallah really good video

Had to listen very carefully as my Punjabi is a little rusty lol and had to explain to my father who is a Bengali but yeah a really good video.

The four things you would fine is:

Vitamin b
Fibre (put this as an extra lol not for browny points btw)

Bless the fever team

By Aminul | Posted on: 24/03/2021

The answers are Calcium,potassium, magnesium and fibre.
Another informative video by Gill and great initiative by Jab Jab πŸ‘ŒπŸ½Hope to see you guys again to pick my πŸ’― if I win 🀣

By Mohsin Ali | Posted on: 24/03/2021

Lentils have a low glycaemic index, good source of fiber & protein and low in fat. I liked that it was in punjabi so all the family could listen and understand.

By Avais Ahmed | Posted on: 24/03/2021

The lentils are low glycaemic index food, are source of protein, are high in fibre and are low in fat. This was a most helpful video .

By Kalsoom bi | Posted on: 24/03/2021

Diabetes Is very prevalent in the Asian community, this is mainly due to our diet, this video helps in understanding what small changes and additions we can make to our diet to improve our health.
Lentils are full of fibre, calcium, magnesium, potassium and Vitamin B

By Mr nawaz | Posted on: 24/03/2021

This one good one interview
I think answer is calcium potassium magnesium B vitamin

By Saeed | Posted on: 24/03/2021

Lentils have a low glycaemic index, good source of protein, high in fibre and low in fat. They are cheap to buy and count towards your 5 a day. This video was most helpful as my mum has diabetes.

By Safina Ahmed | Posted on: 24/03/2021

Four things in lentils that would manage diabetes are calcium, potassium, magnesium and fibres. It is also the best source of vitamin B which control our diet.
Very informative video, nice show, great work fever FM.

By Maria Khan | Posted on: 24/03/2021

In the video it tells more than four things which are, Vitamins B, minerals, Calcium, Potassium magnesium and fibres, the Punjabi version is very hard to understand for a new generation.

By Talib | Posted on: 24/03/2021

We get a lot of Vitamin B, Potassium,
Calcium, magnesium and fiber from lentils which are very helpful to manage Diabetes.

By SHAMSHED ASLAM | Posted on: 23/03/2021

Answer is
Vitamins B
Fever fm best radio station. Braden,Gill and jab jab when ever do program together they rock the program with lods of fun. Fever fm giving us knowledge and entertaining. Such superb platform. Love fever fm.

By Muhamm kam | Posted on: 23/03/2021

Bit b magnesium magnesium calcium

I love the community shows but would like to hear immigration advice programme too

By Santosh | Posted on: 23/03/2021

Bit b magnesium calcium potassium

Love the shows always on in my kitchen

By Rani | Posted on: 23/03/2021

Potassium calcium magnesium bit b

Good video in Punjabi love it

By Pushpa | Posted on: 23/03/2021

The four things in lentils which help manage diabetes are CALCIUM, POTASSIUM, MAGNESIUM and FIBRE.This video is very useful as I am always concerned about getting diabetes due to family history and I had no idea that lentils could help manage diabetes as well as the other foods.

By Waqas from Harehills via Gujrat | Posted on: 23/03/2021

The things found in lentils to manage diabetes are:
Vitamin B, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Minerals. The high fibre, flavonoid content helps reduce blood sugar levels.
Very interesting video to watch. Thank you Fever FM

By Shazia Rafiq | Posted on: 22/03/2021

The four things are Vitamin B, Minerals, Calcium and Fibre.

I found the video very informative and has encouraged me to eat more lentils.
Thank you.

By Miss Azam | Posted on: 22/03/2021

Answer is calcium,potassium,magnesium and fibre

Very informative video for the people with diabetes.thank you fever fm for educating and informating the community

By Shabir | Posted on: 21/03/2021

Very clear and concise video, especially for the Punjabi and Urdu listeners
Lentils contain calcium and potassium and magnesium and Vitamin B

By Amar Hussain | Posted on: 21/03/2021

The soluble fiber in lentils helps stabilize blood sugar levels. If you have insulin resistance, hypoglycemia or diabetes, lentils are full of complex carbohydrates that can help you. With 25% protein, Lentil is the vegetable with the highest level of protein other than soybeans.

These videos are great and the information are extremely helpful, keep making them.

By Juree | Posted on: 20/03/2021

There are six component parts in the Vegetable "LENTIL"


"I think, that they should be more physical sports games created for gender competitions"

By Lance | Posted on: 20/03/2021



Keep up the good work!


By Anonymous | Posted on: 20/03/2021

Zabardast video
Potassium calcium magnesium vitamin B

By Mrs Nawaz | Posted on: 20/03/2021

Calcium vitamin b potassium magnesium

Have you thought about doing cooking shows with healthy options.

By Ajay | Posted on: 19/03/2021

Magnesium potassium vitamin b calcium

You should do a money advice programme to give advice on services out there

By Mr kundra | Posted on: 19/03/2021

Magnesium potassium Vito calcium

Very good shows as always.

By Mrs kundra | Posted on: 19/03/2021

Calcium, vitamin B
Magnesium, potassium
Very nice, short and informative video,
Keep up the good work Fever Fm

By Sobia | Posted on: 19/03/2021

Calcium potassium vitamin B and Magnesium

By Nasar | Posted on: 19/03/2021

Nice to see video in Punjabi
Vitamin B, potassium, calcium,magnesium

By Mr gupta | Posted on: 19/03/2021

The 4 things to find in lentils to help manage diabetes are: Minerals. Calcium, Vitamin b , magnesium

Great video enjoyed watching it, however I think it would have been better if you could hear Gill speaking in the interview and maybe have Urdu across the screen or someone speaking in Urdu.
It was a good video very detailed and have watched everyone so far. Keep up the good work.

By Aasia | Posted on: 18/03/2021

Low glycemic index, fiber, carbohydrates , proteins

By Rabia | Posted on: 18/03/2021

These are vitamin B , calcium , potassium and magnesum.

By zakia | Posted on: 18/03/2021