Together We Can Final Video - Competition to be held 31st March - Winner - Ateeque Mirza


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By Morgan | Posted on: 25/11/2021

Jabbar dont be so mean they probably just missed the ? At the end of you going to eat pizza ?

By Amin | Posted on: 31/03/2021

Brad an has learned pizza kana chanday ho
Do you want to eat pizza lol
Every day when I tune feverfm it make me happy Iโ€™m an delivery driver and I listens to radio everyday thanks fever fm

By Sohail Hussain | Posted on: 31/03/2021

He sad pizza khana chanda ho
Itโ€™s great show as people should know how to say and what to talk about. Once again thanks to all fever fm staff

By Kamran farooq | Posted on: 31/03/2021

Good video
Braden say (i must say better than me ha)
Pizza khaana challe ho - you going to eat pizza

By Taz islam | Posted on: 31/03/2021

Bradan learnt how to say Do you want to eat pizza? These couple of weeks have been amazing i feel that it is wonderful that fever fm have taken their time to entertain and raise a few issues that are often not raised. So well done fm. Thank you so much for doing this out of your kind hearts.

By Sumera sulaman | Posted on: 31/03/2021

Together we can project has been great, sad to see itโ€™s the last video, hopefully there will be more of this in the future.
Great to see Brendan attempting to speak Punjabi pizza khanay chanda ho is what he has learnt to say

By Ateeque Mirza | Posted on: 31/03/2021

Love to fever team

Braden says it better than me lol

Pizza khaana challe hho
You going to eat pizza

Hope everyones loving the sun

By Syed miah | Posted on: 31/03/2021

Braden says :

Pizza khaana challe ho which translate to
You going to eat pizza

Hope everyone at fever fm is blessed x

By Abdul rahim | Posted on: 31/03/2021

I have been a listener of fever Fm for years, it is an amazing platform for the Asian community here in Harehills and the surrounding areas, I hope and pray that Fever Fm will be here for many more years to come.
Brendan has learnt to say Jazakallah and also pizza kanay chaunday in Punjabi, he says with a great accent, 10 out of 10 for Brendan!!

By Mohammed ghazali hussain | Posted on: 31/03/2021

lovely video :)

braden says - Pizza khaana challe hho
You going to eat pizza

Hope i win ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

Fever fm the best

By Shahema uddin | Posted on: 31/03/2021

Braden learned say in Punjabi
"Pizza Khana Chahndy O"

It was amazing and very informative contest. I learned a lot of things from the videos of competition. I suggest that this type of compition remain continue.

Jabbar bahi tusi great O. Tohadi team v great a. Buht maza aya sary shows sun key . Twaada buhht shukriya. Sada hasdy rahwo te wasdy rahwo. Fair milan ge. Us time tak sada te twada ALLAH belli.....
Rab sohny de hawaly....
Fever Fm dilan di dharkan. Sun'ndaey rahwo te sar dhun'dy rahwo
Fever Fm zinda Abad

By Shamshed Aslam from Pakistan | Posted on: 31/03/2021

Bradenham is saying, would you like some pizza to eat ๐Ÿ˜Š thank you for ten weeks of normative programmes

By Kalsoom bi | Posted on: 31/03/2021

The answer is he is saying would you like some pizza. These are amazing shows.

By Munir akhtar | Posted on: 31/03/2021

He is saying would you like to eat some pizza. Thank you for keeping us entertained these past months. You have been great

By Safina | Posted on: 31/03/2021

Braiden learned "Masha'Allah" and "Do you want to eat pizza?" And Gill said "Insha'Allah". Good job as always guys. Imrano does lively interviews that always keep listeners engaged.

By Summaya (aka Rohailโ€™s mum) | Posted on: 30/03/2021

Eagerly awaiting Ramadan shows
I think the answer is pizza kaana chanda?

By Shabana | Posted on: 30/03/2021

Braden learned to say "Mashallah" and 'Pizza Khana chande oh' in Punjabi. An interesting project like to participate every week.

By Maria Khan | Posted on: 30/03/2021

Brayden has learnt to say the below in punjabi:

Do you want to eat pizza?

The together we can project is very good for the community.

By Waqas Mohammed | Posted on: 30/03/2021

Last video YIKES

Hope i win inshallah:)

Braden says Pizza khaana challe ho
-You going to eat pizza-

Tbh he can speak it better than me haha

By Husna | Posted on: 30/03/2021

Hey guys
Hope you all are well and good xx

Braden says Pizza khaana challe ho

Which translates to

-You going to eat pizza-

Love and peace (going to enjoy my bike ride now :) in the sun)

By Molik | Posted on: 30/03/2021

Carnt wait for the ramadhan fever fm switch up !

Hope all you guys are blessed !

Bradon says - Pizza khaana chale ho
(You going to eat pizza)

Tbh was quite difficult understanding it, had to listen to it 2/3 times

You couldโ€™ve made him say something easier ha

By Akbar | Posted on: 30/03/2021

Hey guys

Writing the answer whilst i enjoy the sun in roundhay park :)

Bradon says:

Pizza khana challe ho

Which translate to - You going to eat pizza


By Fatema | Posted on: 30/03/2021

Hey guys (im more of a silent listener, kids love the channel to)

Nice short video and even more interesting when you put faces to the name ha

The answer to the question is:

Bradon says - Pizza khaana challe ho
โ€œYou going to eat pizzaโ€


By Amin (aminul) | Posted on: 30/03/2021

He has learnt to say, pizza Khana chandey ho
Would you like to eat pizza

By Ruki | Posted on: 30/03/2021

He has learnt how to say: pizza Khana Chanday ho?
(Do you want to eat pizza)

By Ruki | Posted on: 30/03/2021

Fever Fm here to entertain, inform and educate
I think the answer is khan chand ho pizza

By Mr Nawaz | Posted on: 30/03/2021

Not sure how to write this but Iโ€™m going to give it a go
Pizza khaana chahanday ho

By Anisa H | Posted on: 30/03/2021

Pizza kana Chanda wo

By Nasar | Posted on: 30/03/2021

Braden is saying pizza khana chonde ho in Panjabi meaning would you like to eat pizza just brilliant if I didnโ€™t watch the video I would not have known a non Asian person is saying that line absolutely amazing to know that multiple languages spoken by the Fever Fm team ๐Ÿ‘

By Jazz 121 diet | Posted on: 29/03/2021

Braden has learned to say:
Mashโ€™Allah - and then
Pizza khaana Chandah ho -
Did very well considering he doesnโ€™t speak the language.
Will miss these videos which have been enjoyable to watch. Thank you

By Shazia Rafiq | Posted on: 29/03/2021

Hi the answer is Pizza khana chande ho
Thanks for the video it was nice to see a tour of Fever FM and see part of the team.

By Yazmina headingly | Posted on: 29/03/2021

Pizza kahna chanda ho
Lakh vari phoolo phoolo

By Mrs nawaz | Posted on: 29/03/2021

Hope all the listeners have listened and learnt from these short videos, we need to look after our physical and mental health, these videos have given us a few great tips!!
๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ• khana chaunday ho

By Saeed | Posted on: 29/03/2021

The together we can project has been brilliant, I have learnt many new ways to improve my health and well being, thankyou
Do you want to eat pizza is the answer in Punjabi

By Omar farooq | Posted on: 28/03/2021

Answer is
Pizza khana chandey ho

Thank you fever fm team for some very informative videos I personally learned a hats off to you guys much appreciated thank you once again.

By Shabir | Posted on: 28/03/2021

Brendan has learnt to say Pizza Khana chaunday ho in Punjabi
Great work keep it up

By Saeed | Posted on: 28/03/2021

Pizza khanay chaanday ho

By Nasar | Posted on: 28/03/2021

Braden has has learned to say "Pizza kana chande ho?", in Punjabi. It translates to " Would you like to eat pizza?".

The Together We Can project has been a source of great knowledge for the local community. It has been a great pleasure to listen in every week and listen to all the wonderful feedback. I would welcome a return of this project in the not so distant future. Brother Jabbar, Gill and Braden have shown as a collective that projects like this can be delivered with 100% success.

By Ejhaz Hussain | Posted on: 27/03/2021

Do you want to eat pizza

Going to miss the knowledgeable videos guys their are great.

By Ajay singh | Posted on: 27/03/2021

Do you want to eat a pizza

Yes please I love venice pizza but no sharing.

By Pushpa | Posted on: 27/03/2021

Would you like to eat pizza

Nice video and nice to see the team all happy smiles

By Rani | Posted on: 27/03/2021

Do you want to eat pizza

Good videos but don't like pre recorded shows

By Santosh | Posted on: 27/03/2021

Braden has learned to ask would you like to eat pizza. These videos are brilliant, keep making them. I loved Imranoโ€™s energy throughout the video.

By Shmeren | Posted on: 27/03/2021

Do you want to eat pizza.

When is the pizza coming but make sure jab is not there or we won't have none for us. Only joking big bro.

By Ajay | Posted on: 27/03/2021

Do you want to eat pizza from Mr 'venice.

You are fab team keep it up so bi lingual now too

By Mrs kundra | Posted on: 27/03/2021

Do you want to eat pizza

Panjabi is the correct way to spell not Punjabi as panj means 5 and panjab is 5 rivers. Please correct or ask next time. Thanks

By Mr kundra | Posted on: 27/03/2021

Zabardast video
Pizza khanay chahne ho

By Shabana (SHAB) | Posted on: 27/03/2021

Great service Fever Fm is providing to the local community
Pizza kanda chahnday ho is what Brayden has learnt to say in Punjabi

By Amar Hussain | Posted on: 27/03/2021

Brandan says would you like some pizza?
Great video loved to see the inside of the tuna and seeing Brandan learn some Punjabi. Shame this is the last one you guys have done a great job

By Aasia | Posted on: 26/03/2021

Braydan, learned the Punjabi word for "Pizza"


Meaning one quarter piece of PIZZA .

Radio Fever, has been doing good work, in introducing new listeners
to a broader cultural mix of peoples' - with good music, merth, wit, ideas, and conversation.

Many thanks


By LanzyB | Posted on: 25/03/2021

Nice to see the fever crew once again
Didnโ€™t know that Branden says the words pizza kandey chahnay ho in the Advert๐Ÿ˜Ž

By Mohammed | Posted on: 25/03/2021

Pizza khana chahnde ho
Nice short entertaining video

By Sobia ghazali | Posted on: 25/03/2021

Braden learned.... pizza khany chly gy

By zakia | Posted on: 25/03/2021