Together We Can Project Is Back 2024

Together We Can - Improve Our Lives.

Starting January 2024. The team includes Lokesh Jee, Waheed Sab, Shamas and Sofia. 

Topics covered: 

Exercise: Essential exercise such as walking, swimming, going to the gym, and doing yoga.

Bullying, young people and in the workplace.


Mental Health,

Health Issues

Loan Sharks

Healthy Cooking and issues relating to poor diet

Misuse of social media – young people.

Managing finances – cost of living, cheaper utilities, food banks, and young people’s finances.

We are involving the elderly and isolated.

Education, employment

Gang culture

Anti-social behaviour

Forced marriages, Honor Based Violence, Domestic Violence, Child Sexual Exploitation.

Drugs, and dealers. 

Positive body image (young people, bodybuilders)

Together We Can - Improve our lives!


Together We Can Project Is Back 2024
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