RIP DJ Minda

DJ Minda will always be remembered for his quick witty comments, his laughter and his wonderful positive and happy outlook on life. He joined Fever FM in March 2013 as he loved Bhangra music and wanted to promote the great Bhangra artists. He also taught Dhol and performed live at Community events and special parties. As l write this the thought of DJ Minda never again stepping through the doors of Fever FM to present his Bhangra show with cheeky comments, his new ideas or suggestions is really hard to bear, he would light up any room with his personality and laughter, you my friend will be missed by all who had the pleasure of meeting you. 

We all pray Rab showers you with his blessing and may you entertain the angels with your Dhol skills, RIP DJ Minda.   

Fever Crew Salutes you

RIP DJ Minda
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