Fever On Fleek


"To start off I have want to become a presenter from a young age of 6 and I’ve been listening to Imrano’s shows from a long time and that’s where I began to like fever fm and listened to imranos show regularly. I have been doing fever on fleek for about 13 weeks and it’s been an amazing experience. Fever on fleek is a chance for 13-25 year olds to come to the fantastic fever Fm studio and learn what it’s like to be a presenter and use the equipment and have an experience. To start off I was very nervous but as it went on I built my confidence. We had 3 teachers khalda Imrano and Aliya and it was a very nice time learning with them they supported us constantly throughout the weeks. My favourite part of fever on fleek was learning to prepare a 15minute show I was a pain because I didn’t know what to talk about and Imrano was like just come up with something . We interviewed boxer Qais Ashfaq and asked 101 questions and it was a really good experience intervewing the boxer. I also joined the doctors show asking different questions this also gave me confidence. In the fever on fleek group their was me Adam , Amina, zainab and caramih . We had a very good time and had laughs and jokes. The funniest bit of fever on fleek was learning the different voice techniques before doing shows Imrano sounded like a minion????.In the first few weeks you definitely feel nervous but it definitely without a doubt builds your confidence throughout the sessions so I recommend everyone out there to definitely without a second thought to take part in the next fever on fleek sessions. A big thanks to the sponsors JIMBOS FUND , LEEDS COMMUNITY FOUNDATION 
AND Fever FM??".



I have been doing fever on fleek for about 13 weeks! It’s been an amazing opportunity and experience, the first week I was quite nervous and didn’t say or speak much but now I have grown my confidence! My three teachers Imrano, Khaldah and Aliya have been amazing and very supportive! We have had banter but it’s all fun and jokes and we don’t take it to heart! It’s a really good opportunity and experience and I think whoever is nervous to start should try it out and u will love it! I have been joining imrano at 1pm till 2pm and I enjoyed it was a good experience hearing my own voice on air! We interviewed a few people including Roach Killa, and the boxer Qais Ashfaq! Now that fever on fleek has finished I am now a co-host wiv Shabz on a show on Saturday morning!Thank you to fever fm and the founders: LEEDS community foundation and jimbos fund!



I think FeverOnFleek was the best time ever . At first I was nervous, but know I have build my confidence,

I have also learnt to make my voice louder and more clear,

I have also had the opportunity to go live on air on the doctors show to ask a few questions about health related,

it has been an awesome experience thank you to everyone for making this possible. 

Fever On Fleek