Free Uniforms with Tracy Morgan


Tamrez Khan interviews Tracy Morgan to speak about the Leeds Uniform Exchange.  

Mark Newey - Going back to school


Returning to school after Covid-19 lockdown can be a difficult experience for children whose routines have been disrupted by the pandemic. While some children may be eager to return to their old routine, others may need help to adjust.  We have Mark Newey with us again from an organisation called Headucate.  Mark will be able to give us advice on how to support our children and make the transition as stress-free as possible.


Ansa Ahmad - Child Bereavement


Ansa Ahmad is the founder of the HOPE Bearevement Support which began in 2013 when Ansa realised that there needed to be a place of safety and inclusion for all mothers who have lost a baby. 

Qari Asim MBE - Religious Extremism


Qari Asim MBE is a Iman at Leeds Makkah Mosque which has won the award for being the UK's Model Mosque. In this interview he speaks about Religious Extremism and how we can hopefully overcome it.

Qari Asim - Islamophobia Interview


This week we are honoured to have Qari Asim MBE, a leading Imam at Leeds Makkah Mosque, discussing Islamophobia

Leeds Girls Can with Louise Walker


Gill speaks to Louise Walker. Lousie is a project manager of the Leeds Girls Can National Campaign with Leeds City Council who support and inspire girls to become active.

The Youth Engagement Project with Taf Mohammed


Gill speaks to Taf Mohammed. Taf is a part of the Youth Engagement Project whose aim is to educate young people about the effects of serious crime and violence in the local areas. The project date of 10th February coincides with the fatal stabbing of Iffy Wahid - a 16 year old who was stabbed in broad daylight.

Go Higher Trainees - Drama


A story about a young student whos heading to University. But her father is hoping she gets a place in they home city of Leeds. Find out what happends  

Ehjaz Hussain - Disabilities during the pandemic


Fever FM brings you yet another interview! This time it's with Ehjaz Hussain who was born without hands and feet and still manages to lead a full life. I'm sure you'll find Ehjaz very inspiring. 

Arfan Hanif - Vaccine Safety


In this interview our very own Gill, Arfan Hanif from Touchstone speaks about vaccine safety and expells any myths that you may or may not have heard about the new COVID-19 vaccines.

Imrano talks to Hussnain Lahori about the down side of social media


Hussnain Lahori is a British singer, songwriter and a music producer. He was always surrounded by music as his late grandfather, Akbar Lahori was a renowned poet and composer in the 70s and 80s. Some of his songs made their way to Bollywood including 'tujhe yaad na meri aai' from the film 'kuch kuch hota hai'.  Imarano talks to him, on behalf of the Together We Can Project, about the down side of social media.

Margaret McKean


Gill speaks to Margaret McKean from the Leeds City Council who provides support to young people through the Youth Service team. 

Arfan Hanif - Mental Wellbeing Interview


In this interview, Gill speaks to Arfan Hanif who is an Operations Director at Touchstone. Touchstone is a mental health organisation who help people who are struggling with their mental wellbeing. 

Anti-social behaviour with Paul Money


Gill interviews, Paul Money. Paul works for the local police and speaks to us about anti-social behaviour and the measures that are being taken to combat these issues.

Disability during a pandemic with Ade Adepitan


Gill discusses with the BBC's Ade Adepitan on how the current pandemic has effected people with various disabilities. Ade is also wheelchair basketball player who has played highest level.

Fred Winster - Local Policing Issues Interview


In this interview, Gill speaks to Fred Winster. Fred is a local Police Seargeant for Harehills and surrounding areas. He speaks about how local crime is being tackled and what we (the public) can do to help.

Gill Interviews Richard Burgon


Gill speaks to Richard Burgon about our local community of Harehills and explains what he is doing to help our community during this worldwide pandemic.

Gill Interviews Sair Khan


In this interview Gill speaks to Coronation Street star Sair Khan, They discuss the issues of social media and the effects that it can have on people. 

Apache Indian - Imrano Show & Go Higher Trainees


Imrano & Go Higher trainees talk to Apache Indian about the new album, where it all started, the culture, industry, education and much much more. 

DJ Kam & Gill Speak about Bullying


In this interview, Gill & DJ Kam speak about bullying and the effects that it can have on people.

Kam & Tamrez Speak About Bullying (Urdu Version)


In this interview, Tamrez & DJ Kam speak about bullying and the effects that it can have on people.

Karma Nirvana with Anup Manota


In this interview Gill speaks to Anup Manota to find out about Karma Nirvana. Karma Nirvana aim to help communities and individuals who have been victims of both forced marriages and honour-based abuse. 

Interviewing Alison Plant


Gill interviews Alison Plant. Alison is a pilates instructor, she speaks about the physical and mental benefits of Piliates. Pilates is also a fantastic way of staying active throughout lockdown. 

Debt with Clare Seal


 Gill speaks to Clare Seal. Clare is an author and blogger who talks about getting herself out of £27k debt. 

Benefits of Yoga with Sue from SJC Yoga


Sue details her journey into Yoga over 3 decades. Talking about the many benefits for mind and body, from her own experience and with her clients. An introduction and overview of Yoga

Ravi Sandhu from Pungra Fit


Ravi explains his journey so far, with millions of views on his 'Learn how to do Pungra' (not Bhangra) videos, interest from Sport England and his wish to improve the physical and mental well-being for all. Whilst dancing to Pungra!

Asian women have long been identified as the least active group in the UK. Pungra is flipping the script with a fun, connected way to get fit and dance to Pungra at the same time. 

Ravi, as part of his recovering from illness as a youth, changed his diet and starting exercising more. Here he explains how he went from suffering in silence, to having boundless, all day energy.

Learn how you can join the Pungra revolution, become an activator and support your friends, family and community too.

Impact Gamers - with Founder and Programme Lead, Adam Syrop


How computers and gaming can change young lives for the better. Adam explains how bringing kids together, from all backgrounds. Helping them to make games, rather than just playing them. Can bring so much more, than simply computing skills, into their lives. 

Beneficiaries of the Safer Communities fund, Adam also discusses a new project aimed at keeping kids out of Crime.

CEO Shantona Womens and Family Centre - Nahid Rasool


Based in the heart of Leeds. Shantona provide services to people from BAME backgrounds (not White English communities). Nahid discusses the challenges impacting people, women and families of colour.

Lokesh - Nik Peasgood - "Leeds Women's Aid"


CEO of Leeds Womens Aid. Nik brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience of issues impacting Women throughout West Yorkshire and during the Pandemic.

Find out how Leeds Womens Aid, contribute toward Safer Communities and provide a vital resource for Women in West Yorkshire. 

Chief Inspector Bashir Anwar - Police Recruitment


Discussing how the police force has chnaged over several decades. The role of Black and Asian officers and the current drive to encourage recruitment from BAME peoples.

Mark Burns-Williamson - West Yorkshire Police Crime Commissioner


Discussing the Safer Communities Project being delivered through the West Yorkshire Police Crime Commissioner's office. 


Domestic Abuse and Violence - Leeds womens Aid and Shantona Women's and Family Centre


CEO's Nik Peasgood and Nahid Rasool, join us to discuss the current state of Domestic Violence and Abuse in Leeds / West Yorkshire and the Support aviable to Women and Families.

Liz from GM Freeze, the UK’s umbrella campaign on Genetically Modified food, crops and patents.


What is the current state of Geneticaly Modified foods in the UK. what are the consumer rights and what is our current direction. An important topic impacting every citizen of the UK.

Chapel Allerton Spaces (CA Spaces) - Street Art and improving Neighbourhoods


Sarah (Founder) and Ekaterina (artist) from CA Spaces, discussing how they've brought street art to Chapel Allerton. The value for the residents as well as the artists.

Dr Mo Sattar & John Walsh


Dr Mo Sattar & John Walsh

Dr Mo Sattar & John Walsh Part 2


Dr Mo Sattar & John Walsh Part 2

Mr Q - Domestic Violence Segment PART 1


Mr Q - Domestic Violence Segment PART 1

Mr Q - Domestic Violence Segment PART 2


Mr Q - Domestic Violence Segment PART 2

Dr Mo Sattar


CoronaVirus - Dr Mo Sattar with guest Dr Bharat Punkhania.  

Gambling Helpline


Mr Q with Gambling helpline officers.  

Dr Mo Sattar & Jean


Dr Mo Sattar and Jean produced a wonderful interview on the airwaves. Discussing her battle with breast cancer not once but twice. Jean you are a star and a role model!